The Property Tech I would invest in

I'm about to invest in a property tech company.

Before making this decision, I thought carefully about who else I would want to invest in.  

Those companies are detailed below. I thought it important to include how much I would invest, and why.

Ed Freyfogle - The Exclusive Interview with real estate search engine Nestoria's Co-Founder

In this exclusive interview, we tease out Ed's thoughts on London, his business and what Lokku is looking to invest in for our Geo-filled future.

It's probably apt to say that Ed is a hero of mine. While others try to compete and build property portals, Lokku stayed true to their calling with Nestoria and provided a reliable partner to property portals the world over. 

Will Agents' Mutual Succeed with

By all accounts, this Agents' Mutual is already a success. But for many agents sitting on the fence and many more property owners who have never even heard of this initiative, the success of this portal will come in the form of consumer traffic. 

I think the fence-sitters and the public just don't matter for Agents' Mutual to succeed. Let me explain:

Everdwell makes it easy for any any Real Estate Agent to create a luxury single property website.

There's no embarrassment in clicking away from a website, like there is when you walk into a Realtor's office. There's no pressure to make chit chat or leave your email address. Online is brutal, and simple.

So it gives me great pleasure to see the talented designers behind Everdwell make single property websites that are so very simple.