The Present is the future of agency - Proptech Weekly #33

Gary Chimwa put on the excellent Future of Property Tech conference in London.  It was big!

There were three big themes: agency, mortgages and VR. 

The conclusions were:

The future of agency looks much like today (i.e. full of a long tail of agents) 

The future of mortgages looks much like today (it's so tightly regulated); 

And the future of VR looks much like today (gadgets for excitement at events, but no mainstream application). 

These aren't negative comments. It's just the current state of property technology. Specifically there really isn't much tech.

Property Partner and Proptech investment volume - Proptech Weekly #27

CB Insights released data on Proptech fundraising in the first 3 months of 2016.

If you're a start-up founder in the UK whose name isn't Dan Gandesha, you don't figure on the list.

He can't be the only Proptech founder with true ambition and the graft to back it up.

But numbers don't often lie, and he's the one growing his business and raising money in a way that's making everyone's head turn.

And I can't stress enough how getting people talking is so damned important.

The lack of hype in Proptech is no April Fool's joke - Proptech Weekly #26

why do both investors and entrepreneurs not get that bigger is better? 

Bigger funding allows for bigger companies to be built to bigger exits with larger amounts of people benefiting and giving back as angel investors. Everyone wins.

Yet the ideas being funded in the UK are small. And their capital raisings are meagre. It makes me wonder what is the point of giving a company so little money that they can't do anything but think about the next raise.

Where's the hype going to come from in Proptech?

Us. Proptech founders. 

If the sector is under-capitalised, then the human capital needs to come together, help each other and create that rising tide of Proptech.

Build-a-box-to-rent is wrong - Why The Real Estate Pundit doesn't support Build-to-rent, and you shouldn't too

Why are developers so convinced that build-to-rent is 'needed'?

Is it because expensive consultants see it as a quick way to 'sell' them into the Private Rented Sector?

Or is it the lazy asset managers who need the 'one deal' route into private rented property?

Regardless of who and why, building dorm rooms for adults is just wrong.

Scale vs Scalability - A look at innovators Opendoor, Wework and Nested - Proptech Weekly #25

First, the most exciting PropTech company in the world has just announced some incredible news.

And no, I'm not talking about WeWork's mammoth fundraising. While impressive, it doesn't really change the world. You know, like how OpenDoor are re-imagining the process of buying and selling a home.

Business model matters - Enablers like Fixflo, Apply.Property and Rightmove vs Disruptors like Emoov and Purplebricks - Proptech Weekly #24

There's been a flood of AgentTech these past few weeks. It seems many entrepreneurs are pivoting from their 'agent-killing' ambitions. I'd like to call this the Fixflo-effect. They are, after all, the leading light amongst the current crop of Proptech start-ups.

The rise of AgentTech and Property Fintech - Proptech Weekly #22

One question keep cropping up: Why is Proptech not as hyped/written about?

The vast majority of proptech was founded on the notion of 'disrupting high street agents.

While 'agent-killing' isn't the sole endeavour of proptech, it is high on the priority list of most proptech founders.

That doesn't bode well for others, the ones who want to 'enable' the incumbents, rather than disrupt them.

Who is the best online lettings agent?

Lettings agency is not a difficult job, and landlords certainly don't have the same fears as they would when selling, so the motivations that force them into using an agent are different.

So for DIY landlords to access Rightmove and Zoopla via online agency makes rational sense.

We dive into who is the biggest and best of the UK's online lettings agents.

RIP Easyproperty

Easyproperty, the late to the market online estate agent, pulled a marketing stunt mourning the death of high street agents.

The irony, as a start-up, is that Easyproperty is more likely to be placed on the scrap heap than those 'over-charging' high street agents. Why?

They're low service, late to the party and their low fees basically tell homeowners they'll sell their property for less.

Congratulations on launching, Easyproperty, it was nice knowing you.