11% of households own >1 property

This really does demonstrate how few people benefit from aggressive property price rises.

Most people work to pay rent (mortgage payments for your home (i.e. no rental income to offset) are rent). If house prices were lower, we would have less stress to work to make ends meet.

John Maynard Keynes famously suggested we would spend more time on leisure activities as the world become more efficient and wealthy (http://www.econ.yale.edu/smith/econ116a/keynes1.pdf). Keynes obviously did not foresee the modern day slavery that is working to pay rent (to the few who passed Go before you).

Shelter is a human right, alongside access to natural light, clean air and fresh water. No one has a right to a job.

Until the Facebook/Snapchat classes vote (which they don't), people that represent landlords will continue to be elected and maintain the United Kingdom as a Feudal state.

And those same politicians will talk about 'creating jobs' rather than living a comfortable life.