Admire the 'UK-ness' of Agents' Mutual's logo

As map pins go, this is probably the nicest I have seen. 

And in the true 'combative' tradition of Agents' Mutual, the logo is very RAF (British Royal Air Force).

The news also coincides with the quiet appearance of a landing page at


This is what CEO Ian Springett had to say in an email to agents this morning:

The logo design is based around a map marker, which we believe will resonate strongly with the property-seeking public as a memorable symbol for their property search and indeed for its solution. The design is also suggestive of a target and creates the impression of a fresh, vibrant, relevant and mainstream brand.

The shape of the map marker becomes the initial “O” of our brand name and also acts where necessary as a stand-alone icon. The logo type, the map marker and the ‘TM’ symbol form a strong single element which is a crucial part of the visual identity.

The three colour design will help us achieve powerful differentiation from our competitors and serves to underline the “UK-ness” of our primary offering.

While we own all the most important top-level domains for the name, we have now decided to position ourselves as “”.