Agents' Mutual up to 2,450 branches; 264 added in May - Property Industry Eye

Interesting to hear that Agents' Mutual now have a sales force, with many agents having not yet heard of the movement.

Most talk is about whether Agents' Mutual will have enough money to attract consumers. Money  traffic.

The real conversation is about momentum and a common enemy uniting the fractious agency market. If enough agents hate/fear Rightmove enough to join the Ian Springett led movement, then every journalist will be talking about the massive hole in Zoopla's quarterly revenue... And that alone should drive the initial consumer curiousity.

It's sort of funny: agents hate Rightmove, join AM and kill off Zoopla, Rightmove carries on winning.

Until then, it'll be interesting to keep tabs on one metric: how many agents will leave Zoopla in 2015.

UPDATE: A commenter mentioned something interesting: Zoopla charge online agents significantly higher fees. Will Agents' Mutual force Zoopla to raise prices aggressively on online agents, effectively killing off their ability to innovate/grow?