Beware The Jobsworth

So often, when you pay for something and don't receive the level or quality of service you expect, you blame the person in front of you. 

But what you misunderstand is you paying that person is of no consequence to that person being paid.

For example: you board a bus, pay the bus driver, press the buzzer for your stop only for the driver to accelerate away and pass your stop. You quiz the driver and they brazenly ignore your existence. 

From their perspective, you as a paying passenger have zero impact on them getting paid.

Why is this relevant for real estate?

Do you know anyone who hasn't got an estate or lettings agent story of disappointment or even hate?

It is not that the agent is a bad person; it is the fact that your satisfaction is of no consequence to them getting paid.

You're not a person, you're a number on a call-sheet or whiteboard that needs to be validated, progressed or chalked off. Onto the next number. You, as a person, didn't even register.

The Jobsworth, whether bus driver or agent, is paid by their company director, who has little to no customer contact. If they do receive a complaint, they are so far away from the situation, that it feels small and inconsequential to them.

Let's call this person, The Real Master.

The Real Master ingrains fear into The Jobsworth: procedures, 'the way it is done' and 'company policy' are drilled in.

Somewhere along the way The Jobsworth conquors their fear; they turn it into power. Independent, unilateral power over others and the time of others: "If you don't put in an offer, I'm sure the next person viewing will" says The Jobsworth agent who smells your interest, regardless of whether there is another viewing for the property booked in.

When dealing with a Jobsworth, whether real estate agent, bus driver or someone in a call centre, remember how irrelevant you and your money is to them. They only answer to The Real Master. And come to think of it, so do you.