Do Royal babies lead to property booms?

The last set of Royal babies ushered in a massive 30 year property boom, that not even the apocolypse of 2007's credit crunch could stall for very long.

As this chart shows, London's property prices are back above their pre-crunch peak.

But is this just the natural order, or is there a greater power at work? 

No, I'm not talking about Government or God. Is Love and happiness what pushes the property market into an upward-only bull market?

Before you leave, humour me for another minute:

Most people have never met members of the Royal family. My parents certainly haven't. But it doesn't stop them saying (with pride) that I was born around the same time as Prince William. I used to think "What does that have to do with anything". But now, I don't question such notions.

Now I know better. The Nation is in love. With this.

Yes, it's a baby. In a dress. But not just any baby. This is George. This is THE Royal baby. This is the baby that went to Australia and quelled the republican voices into submission. 

What makes a Royal baby such a powerful force is beyond reason. But so is the property market. People buy homes for love, not money. 

And I pose this to you: When a Royal baby comes along, the love inside everyone increases, resulting in them bidding up property further.

This is a graph showing property price rises.

It goes crazy after Prince William was born in 1982. Would it be crazy to suggest property prices go up beyond all reason thanks to the love George and soon-to-be-born sibling instil in the nation?