Ed Freyfogle - The Exclusive Interview with real estate search engine Nestoria's Co-Founder

Quiet, unassuming, very German. This is one of the duo behind the much loved, very successful, International real estate search engine. 

In this exclusive interview, we tease out Ed's thoughts on London, his business and what Lokku is looking to invest in for our Geo-filled future.

It's probably apt to say that Ed is a hero of mine. While others try to compete and build property portals, Lokku stayed true to their calling with Nestoria and provided a reliable partner to property portals the world over. 

If you don't use Nestoria to search for a home, you will most certainly after watching this.

Without further ado, I present to you Ed Freyfogle:

Lokku Founders Ed Freyfogle and Javier Etxebeste

Lokku Founders Ed Freyfogle and Javier Etxebeste

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