Going solo - the rise of single property marketing websites

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in Real Estate, it's in the eye of every service selling 'single property websites'.

Take RealBird who describe their service as "beautiful, dedicated property websites for your real estate listings." It makes me want to be mean to them. There is, in 2014, nothing beautiful about these. The phrases 'bog standard' and 'you have got to be kidding me' come to mind:

No wonder there are so many poor Real Estate Agents suffering with terrible eyesores for websites.

An agent would be better off not having a website, than telling their customers how incompetent they are at using Google to find something truly useful, like:

Flyer.io (tailored for commercial real estate - and possibly available for company acquisition), SingleListingPro,
PropertyShare.io and 
Everdwell (who gave us an interview to be published tomorrow).

And, for the sake of fairness to Realbird, here's a few more software vendors to name and shame for selling... well, take a look for yourself:



HomeFinder (in their defence, the did acquire the cool OpenHomePro and Doug Breaker CEO has a hilarious bio profile)


Single Property Sites

What you have to commend these software providers for is their business chops: all of these companies make money. Some even use the websites as a loss leader to sell other services like photography and floorplans. It's not all about tech and beauty.

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