How do you choose a Real Estate Agent? There's an app for that.

There are two sides to every story. In this case:

1. How do I sell my home

2. Who is looking to sell their home

The first person, a property owner, doesn't start by thinking agent, but with little other choice invariably end there: it's just 'safer' having a 'professional' do this for you.

An agent, the second person, cares about little more than finding new customers. It is, after all, worth thousands to them (in any currency).

However, the 'tactics' for finding property owners is... dated: flyer drops, cold calling, branded cars, and worst of all, relying on people finding the agent themselves.

Naturally, with any gap, someone's going to come along and insert themselves in.

The start-ups mentioned in the articles below, however, are all half-baked. Some offer a geography based search of Real Estate Agents; others will pay you to choose their recommended agent local to you.

What's missing from these solutions is why a property owner should really bother to do something different/new.

When someone understands the true motivations of property owners, they'll crack this market. In the meantime, check out the people trying to:

Also, newbie, Zipandfind: