Improve your website with Large Agency Benchmarking (LABS) - a @Homeflow initiative for UK #estateagents

Homeflow, the company behind super-fast estate agency websites, is launching a pilot programme to help large agencies get more out of their own websites.

In a time when Foxtons has the only agency website that gets any meaningful traffic, all other agents are massively dependent on Rightmove.

Larger agents have the ability to attract buyers and renters to their sites, but only if they understand how their websites work. This is where Homeflow steps in to help.

Their data benchmarking programme is free for large estate agency groups to join, and all the data is private and protected by NDA. The hope is to create a rising tide of better informed agency owners, who put some real effort into their websites (the way Foxtons do).

More information on the programme, and how to sign up at Homeflow's website:

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