.@Locatable launch 'The Housemates' Guide to Happiness'

Locatable, the London-based property technology start-up that wants to be the dashboard for your home, has released a fill-in-the-gaps guide to shared house harmony.

The guide, available as a PDF download from Locatable.com, is a comprehensive to-do list for managing household expenses and important 'what to do if' information.

Started in 2012 by Vasanth Subramanian and other now-departed co-founders, Locatable began as a data-driven property map search tool.

Since then the startup has picked up Nick Katz as CEO, Paddy Allen as COO and is changing course from challenger property portal to "a digital toolbox for people and their homes."

Nick, who found his way to Locatable via the world of commercial real estate, says, "The convergence of property, technology, data and the desire to bring transparency and simple tools to help consumers is where Locatable was born and will continue to evolve and grow."

He hints at the start-up's future by explaining: "Our next tool is focused squarely on helping renters in shared accommodation split bills."

As a first step, this Housemates' Happiness guide helps Locatable test on paper what they will digitise in the future.

The PDF asks a number of questions that establish a base for the household to make decisions on the back of.

It is envisaged that everything paid for in the home could be automated through Locatable's upcoming tools, with the guide essentially becoming an app in itself.

The hope with releasing this guide for people sharing a home is to "help consumers make better property related decisions and lead happier lives at home.

By getting to those consumers at the earliest stage of their property journey with our suite of tools, we hope to support their journey through property over time" says Nick Katz.

The company was previously incubated at the Open Data Institute in Shoreditch, which was founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir Nigel Shadbolt.

Locatable are also participating in the NESTA-funded Housing Open-Data Challenge (http://www.nesta.org.uk/housing-open-data-challenge).

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