Mark Cuban talks about @MotionLoft and the intersection of CommercialRE and Technology

Now this is cool: MotionLoft install sensors around and outside your store/building which filter back the number of people and vehicles that pass. 

They call it analytics for the real world.

The mind boggles with all the cool things you could do with this data:

1. Give the 100th person that passes a free gift, to make them remember your brand.
2. Have digital display signage change in response to more men or women passing, or maybe the colour of your car.
3. Provide historical data to inform buying decisions.
4. In real-time, alert staff when there is a spike or dip in traffic, so that can act accordingly (change prices/offers, hit the street, order more stock)
5. Identify which parts of your store no-one cares about, or if the flow of the store isn't working the way you'd hope.
6. Spy on your neighbours and detect when they are doing better or worse than you at getting people to walk through the door.

The interview is typical Mark Cuban: brash and bullish. But you can't argue with a guy who keeps hitting winners out of the park. And this one is a doozy.

Check out the full interview here:

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