Movement launches web search with a verified difference

Movement launched a mobile listing app in 2013, hoping to end phantom listings. Their USP was to use a phone's GPS to verify the lister was at the property.

The founders have obviously worked quite hard to solve a problem few really have: most phantom listings did exist, they just aren't available anymore.

The app and website are designed so that there is very little clutter, which is welcome in the world of property website overkill.

What is most interesting: if these photos for 2,000+ listings were really taken with a smartphone, the age of needing a DSLR for real estate photos is dead. These photos quite clearly are more than good enough, although most are not very well lit.

There is a heavy emphasis on video tours, which I frown on usually; however, Movement have embedded the videos in the most seamless manner. For once, video tours on a listings site add rather than distract. Well done Movement.

If you have 2 minutes to spare, please do check out the hilarious video, with their amazing catchphrase: "Movement, what you see is what you get." While I laugh, it's certainly no gimmick: Movement does deliver.

Here's their new website: