Planwise pivots from financial planner to mortgage broker

What is most interesting about this US-based real estate tech start-up, is it has a clone in the UK, Plentific.

When I first saw the product, and spoke with a Plentific founder, I couldn't help but think this was a product conceived in isolation, by some very smart and well-connected people.

Buying a home is fraught with uncertainty. Plentific, and Planwise before it, are set up to guide you through the process, with particular focus on the affordability of homes in your leveraged budget.

Now that Planwise has accepted that product has no real market traction, it has, like every other property tech start-up, reverted to a traditional business model. In this case: mortgage broking.

As a result, I reckon they will make money and be far less innovative. Well done to the founder of Planwise. Looking forward to see what the founder of Plentific do with their bloated web-planner for home buyers.