"The most valuable real estate a Realtor can own" - @Dizzle

Will Caldwell isn't flying below the radar. Alongside a regular column for Inman News and Entrepreneur.com, he flies high above the surf with his own Kiteboarding company. But his current passion, Dizzle, has greater scope for attention seeking.

Based in San Diego, Dizzle is a mobile app partner for Real Estate Agents. Their solution is a agent-branded mobile app for customers to download onto their iPhone home screen. 

Dizzle isn't alone in the space with other white label mobile apps available from Smarter AgentHomekeepr and OwnerAide.

The start-up has signed up 5 brokerages and approximately 150 Real Estate Agents. Not bad having only launched in July 2014.

With Global ambitions, you'd expect nothing less from the bullish entrepreneur, "we're not limited to the US, as the mobile app Dizzle supplies is applicable to any Real Estate Agent in the world; they have the same problem with customer loyalty. The sooner we can get to Europe, the better."

When probed about the loyalty point, Will expands, "the number one reason Real Estate Agents aren't rehired is clients can't remember their (agent's) name."

So what makes a Dizzle app useful when a real estate transaction is done and dusted? Hyperlocal data is fed into the app, in an attempt to keep the curious coming back to find out what is happening with their local real estate market. And as it is personally branded, a customer will most certainly remember their Real Estate Agent's name and number.

The idea came to Will as his Mom is a South Florida Real Estate Agent who was sick and tired of driving down the highway in response to local handyman requests. So Dizzle was the solution to her wanting to keep in better touch with clients. She get's her name on someone's smartphone, which is the most valuable digital real estate a Realtor can own.

Like OwnerAide, Dizzle allows an agent to share useful contacts, especially local tradespeople, "Who do I call to get my house painted is the same problem for everyone. As a Real Estate Agent, you're the best person to help people with their home."

Or as Dizzle customer John Sabia describes it, "Dizzle gives customers 'members only' access to my list of preferred vendors and can be updated at any time with new recommendations."

What makes this start-up one-to-watch is Will's focus on personal networks: "I think tech should generate organic leads from your sphere of influence. So if you provide value to your network, they'll remember you."

I couldn't have put it better myself.

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