The NAEA and ARLA launch a TV ad campaign #lookforthelogo

Owned by umbrella body the NFOPP (National Federation of Property Professional), NAEA (National Association of Estate Agents) and ARLA (Association of Regulated Lettings Agents) have spent money on TV time, asking the public to #lookforthelogo. Interestingly, the advert doesn't give a reason why. I'm sure they tried to come up with one, and when they couldn't, spent the money anyway.

You'd think before wasting money on production costs and buying TV time, the largest agency industry bodies in the UK would, you know, do some marketing. Marketing, by the way, is the exercise of speaking to people to see what does and doesn't work.

By speaking to people outside of their own bubble, they might have found out:

1. Nobody cares for the NAEA/ARLA brands. And by that I mean not even agents.

2. Two brands instead of one? The public don't know the difference. And now they're confused further.

3. Surely a branding update is in order...

And by the way, this is how confusing/pointless estate agent member schemes are right now:

This is an actual door on a very well known London estate agency. Which one do you think the public care for?

Here's the video advert from NAEA/ARLA: