Welsh regulation of landlords and lettings agents passes into law - @PropIndEye

Wow, first Scotland, now Wales. 

Landlords will have to be registered. 

But to 'do business', such as draw up agreements or conduct viewings, they'll have to be licensed (cost and training) or appoint a licensed individual (likely an agent).  

Could lettings agency go the way of EPCs, where marketing is secondary to regulatory requirements? 

This is all in the Housing Wales Bill. But there's another bill on the horizon which aims to abolish Assured Shorthold Tenancies and replace them with something more 'secure'  (whatever that means). 

Is this the beginning of the end for accidental landlords? Is the easy money going to be too much hassle? 

There has still not been any movement on possession procedures. Currently, a landlord can only regain possession of their property through lengthy and fiddly court procedures. This puts the power firmly in the hands of (usually poorly behaved) tenants. It also is a system which victimises social tenants on Local Housing Allowance, as Local Authorities advise them (poorly) to be evicted through court if they want to find another place to live.  

If politicians and campaigners really care about tenants, this is where they need to focus: possession/eviction procedures cause much pain and confusion.   

Part of the solution is abolishing the very flawed AST. But the focus needs to be on simplicity and choice, not on longer tenancies. Most tenants want security from eviction and rent rises, not to be tied in for longer.  

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