Who are Catherine Fairburn and Wendy Wilson? And why do they want to regulate lettings agents?

Rosalind Renshaw, Editor of Property Industry Eye and former Editor of Estate Agent Today, has shared a link to a briefing paper on the UK Parliament website: http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/mps-told-researchers-letting-agent-fees-extortionate/

Comments at the bottom of the story, from lettings agents, ranged from incredulous (that someone other than them has an opinion on 'their' industry) to the amused "Stamp Duty is "extortionate”. I'll write to my MP tonight and hopefully he will have a bill rushed through, abolishing these fees before the end of the month!"

After a little digging, it seems this 'research' is just a rehash of what Mmes. Fairburn and Wilson have previously produced on numerous occassions: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/131589832/Private-sector-letting-and-managing-agents

Putting the should/shouldn't government regulate lettings agents to the side (they shouldn't), who are Catherine Fairburn and Wendy Wilson? And what is their position? It would seem, they are anti-regulation:

The Government considers that the present legal framework strikes the right balance between landlords and tenants and that new regulations would "introduce too much additional red tape."

It seems nice to be anonymous and yet wield so much power over policy. Is this one of those new 'private sector' jobs the Government pays for?