Why UK landlords prefer to repair rather than replace old washing machines

Insightful post on how the UK tax system incentives encourage repair over replacement.

Small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but this is the mindset of landlords that people should understand as universal truths.

Remember, private landlord only really exist because UK Government policy subsidises the activity. It's incredible how much regulation there is to enable landlordism. But none, other then deposit protection, there is to hold landlords to any form of standards. 

This fantastic post from Tenant Reporting start-up FixFlo sums up the landlord obligations to fix things, demonstrates that time is a subjective matter: http://www.fixflo.com/blog/2014/1/Property-Management-The-Clock-Starts-Now

Just to be clear, I don't advocate more regulation. Quite the opposite, I'd like to see a level playing field in a true market: remove the subsidies for landlords, end housing benefit payments to private landlords, fix the disparity between income and capital gains taxes and remove the regulatory block that prevents councils from building homes.

In the UK, everybody but the landlord is shackled.