The genius behind @SplittableUK and the All Square Meter

People are time poor. 

And considering time = money, people who have to share a house are really poor.

So when an app comes along that saves people with little money from getting into fights about money, it's genuinely something to take notice of.

When Splittable was first pitched to me last year, I laughed at how simple and un-monetisable it was. All I could think is how Nick Katz and Vasanth Subramanian, the founders of Splittable, were such nice guys. You know, the sort that finish last.

Today they launched Splittable in the UK. And all I can think is how Nick and Vasanth are such smart guys. You know, the soon to be super rich type.

Before you hear why, please download the app:

I just can't get over how simple, yet life-change-ing-ly useful the Splittable app is. It basically is how all accounting of money should be everywhere. Simple and plain to understand. 

Let me be really clear: this isn't just the app to motivate your housemates to pay you for the toilet roll you bought. This is the app that will change the way you look at your expenses and how you pay little amounts of money.

Nick calls this micro-payments. I prefer to think of it as everyday living expenses. Milk, bread, electricity, and yes, toilet roll. I would add things like your share of 5-a-side football, a meal or even that backpacking holiday. But Nick is clear: they are focused on the pain of managing a home, so that home is happy place.

It's the All Squared Meter that makes the app human. It shows you your share of shared expenses. No need to ask, beg or argue. It's on the screen, clear as day. 

The reason why Splittable is so simple and smart, is because there is a bigger vision behind it's creation.

Nick and co want to make managing your home simple. Every part of managing your home. You know, the bit you spend the most time doing.

Researching a home to buy or rent takes months. Buying or renting as a transaction takes weeks. But living in and managing your home is years of your life. And no-one really makes that simple, or intelligent.

Look at the buzz behind the Nest Thermostat. And then think about a British company doing a dozen cools things to make your home life connected and cool.

It's early days for Splittable. But today they proved they are indeed able to change people's lives for the better.