The lack of hype in Proptech is no April Fool's joke - Proptech Weekly #26

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Friends, Feudal Landlords and Commoners, 

It's Friday, and I'm so excited.

The Wigwamm team went to the OxRes Conference - the attendees were a fantastic mix of Proptech start-ups I'd never heard of before but am genuinely excited about, to large pension funds who were debating the pros and cons of investing in an uncertain world.

With one massive fundraising announcement, I want to address something that really bugs me about Europe: why do both investors and entrepreneurs not get that bigger is better? 

Bigger funding allows for bigger companies to be built to bigger exits with larger amounts of people benefiting and giving back as angel investors. Everyone wins.

Yet the ideas being funded in the UK are small. And their capital raisings are meagre. It makes me wonder what is the point of giving a company so little money that they can't do anything but think about the next raise.

This thought was triggered by Reonomy raising $22m. That's on top of $22m they've already raised. (By the way, they are ENABLING and not DISRUPTING).

Can you imagine what heights a UK company could reach with so many millions in funding? They could change the world! Or at least give that perception to the wider universe and infect people with optimism. 

It's called confidence, and that's worth a hell of a lot.

Just look at what confidence is doing for Fintech's collective prospects. Very little tangible success, but boy is that hype helping the sector gather momentum.

Where's the hype going to come from in Proptech?

Us. Proptech founders. 

If the sector is under-capitalised, then the human capital needs to come together, help each other and create that rising tide of Proptech.

I look forward to seeing a great turn-out at the upcoming Future Property Tech andPropteq Europe conferences.

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Rayhan's PropTech Weekly XXVI

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